How to Register

    The registration of applicants could be made with two ways:

    a. Register by filling the forms and send the documents to Kasih Palestina by address:………………… or via e-mail:…………………….. (Subject of e-mail: Scholarship_Kasih_Palestina, The_Chosen_Program_of_Scholarship, The_Applicant’s_Name)
    b. The Processes of Registration
    1) Applicants fill the attached registration form,
    2) Applicants complete all of the registration requirements,
    3) The original documents should be taken during interviews for those who passed at the phase of selecting documents.

    The Selection Phases of Kasih Palestina Scholarship

    a. Checkup Process of Requirements and Documents Completeness,
    b. Assessment Process of Documents,
    c. Process of Interviews,
    d. Determination of Applicants Who Passed the Selection,
    The result of selection will be extended to the applicants in writing via post or e-mail and the website of Kasih Palestina.

    The documents that need to be sent:

    a. Registration Form (attached format)
    b. Recommendation Letter (attached format)
    c. Learning Assignment Letter (attached format)
    d. Pronouncement Letter of Taking Part in Preparatory Activities for Kasih Palestina Scholarship Program (attached format)
    e. Pronouncement Letter of Kasih Palestina Scholarship Receiver (attached format)
    f. Essay for Master program/Essay and Summary of Research Proposal for Doctoral Program (attached format)
    g. Copy and/or Scan of Last Diploma
    h. Copy and/or Scan of Transcripts
    i. Copy and/or Scan of TOEFL Certificate
    j. Copy and/or Scan of Identity Card


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